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DIGITAL FORMULA: Automation and Control

The Digital Formula is a versatile solution consisting of software and hardware that can assist and monitor the company workflow processes in operation in the field of packaging and signs and displays. The Digital Formula guarantees savings in time and money thanks to the automation and control of production processes.


Having an automated process means efficiency and increased quality for both internal and external activities. It means better communication between different areas of the company with a corresponding increase in productivity. The automation of processes allows wastage to be avoided by reporting activities with no added value, saving time for the identification of critical issues and money on unnecessary tests, and by replacing them, where needed, with human labour. The control of processes is especially critical for companies than handle a lot of orders arising from different operations, or from numerous customers, and which require that the critical activities and the marginality resulting from any order be understood.

Digital Formula is the solution for converting paper and digital printing processes to automation.


Digital Formula: The companies Areas involved


  • It assists business activity and speeds communication between vendors and the technical department, guaranteeing the feasibility of projects in real time.
  • It collaborates with the technical department helping to develop parametric 2D and 3D projects for making packaging and display systems.
  • Through an analysis of designed projects, the materials to be used and the processes that are necessary, the Digital Formula automatically processes the estimates resulting from a correct compilation of the technical data sheet, which is especially useful when dealing with complex products using different materials and/or working processes.
  • It optimises the prepress activities through the automatic checking of files, nesting and abundances.
  • It programs production as well as planning and optimising delivery times to customers and the use of materials by reducing wastage. It organises machine loads and working times thus facilitating the work of the operators.
  • It collects onboard machine data and facilitates the display of machine usage.
  • It cuts and creases flexible and durable materials. It guarantees precision of work and unmatchable speed.
  • It monitors company management, highlighting the critical factors and efficiency indicators by customer, order and department. It analyses the production forecast data comparing it with the actual data for the elaboration of precise performance benchmarking.


Digital Formula: The Benefits

The Digital Formula helps companies to improve the management of their activities.

Each element of software and hardware is offered individually, each carrying out a particular function that goes towards contributing to the same objective: Improving company efficiency and effectiveness.

Depending on their own particular needs, each company will concentrate on the type of product that bests suits their requirements.