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Following the decision to purchase, the customer is certainly not left alone. 

B+B takes care of training and specialised installation with the employees who will have to use the hardware or software technology that was examined at the demonstration stage. The technicians take care of checking the availability and preparation of users in order to set up a training program based around sessions at the customer’s site or that of B+B.



Formazione Clienti

Further Training

Training is a useful activity for the customer.

Thanks to private training sessions, the customer can learn how to use a new piece of technology.

They can also experiment with and check out new recommended applications and new interesting ideas concerning everyday working operations.

Training increases the skills of employees as well as productivity in general.



After all the necessary feasibility studies have been done, and with the relevant computer technologies present at the customer site, B+B will install its products.

B+B endeavours to make integration with the customer’s workflow easier and streamlined. For small updates or matters concerning product functionality, B+B also provides an installation service and training remotely.

This method allows you to plan training and updating activities in a easier and more convenient way.