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Production Planning

“.. It must always be able to communicate the certain delivery date. It is on this element that the customer now decides who to trust to carry out their requests. It is necessary to be able to plan the activities and the orders without leaving it to chance or instinct.” 

Sprint, the production planner, takes charge of customer orders and automatically organises them into production programs compatible with delivery commitments, optimising the use of internal resources. Any modifications made by managers will be given automatically to the work centres concerned and rescheduled.

Planning with Parkway is quick and easy. The new orders enter into the production plan in the proposed order, which is modifiable at any time. All the work centres involved are updated simultaneously with the new orders. In this way, visibility is provided regarding any possible constraints and delays with requested delivery dates. In this case, it is possible to intervene directly with the daily shift at the work centre that is experiencing production overload. Thanks to integration with the Automation Engine, Sprint displays its own proposal for optimisation quoting the percentage of scrap for each single material. It also reports the acceptable levels permitted. Once the optimal combination is found, the order goes to the printing, cutting  and milling workshops. The system displays graphically the machine loads and work times that may have been modified depending on the pre-defined saturation objectives of the resource.


Control of the production situation



Via a web browser, it is possible to view the individual machine stations with an ordered list of the specific activities to be carried out and the materials to be processed. The operator communicates with the programming system by means of a simple barcode reader.

All of this enables one to ensure that the right panels are processed and that the planned operations are carried out on them. Via the web browser, the manager can also view a dashboard relating to the current situation of the various machines present in production.

The purpose of all of this is to constantly monitor any machine stoppages or faults in processes.


GANTT chart for an immediate viewing of the production



Sprint is ideal for displays that use different structural elements and that make use of different materials, The production planner allows the automatic recreation of the sales order at the end of the process so as to respect the delivery dates viewable on the GANTT charts.




 Final Data