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Production Data Tracking

…”How to keep the processing times of the production machines under control? …”

… How to be able to obtain useful considerations from a general analysis of the plants?…”

Highway is the Packway module that allows you to record the activities of a machine and connect them to an order.

The machines’ onboard systems are used for the collection of production data relative to:

  • Times
  • Operators
  • Quantity
  • Scraps
  • Machine stoppages


Final Data


The machine’s onboard system is used for the collection of data for the final production, which are as follows:

  • Parts entered, rejects and products
  • Start-up times and production times
  • Machine stoppages
  • Operators

On the basis of this information, either unloading of the raw material from the warehouse or else loading of the semi-finished or finished products is carried out.

It is possible, therefore, to make some useful considerations regarding the operations of the technology present in the company, calculating daily times and costs and understanding where any problems originate, intervening promptly and improving productive functionality.

The production manager establishes the processes and the priorities to be applied in production. Once the order has been sent to the machine, it is possible to access Highway via a web page containing a list of all the machines. Selecting the machine from the drop-down menu opens the page relative to the machine’s order.


Features of Highway


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What does Highway do?

  • It allows you to select the machine on which you are working.


  • It displays the list of orders launched in Packway for the activity selected together with their relative details.


  • It displays the raw materials, equipment and graphics of the article currently in production.


  • It allows users to record extra events, namely events that the machine is not able to automatically detect. In general, the extra events are machine stoppages for reasons such as a lack of cardboard or the lunch break.


  • It shows the packaging data for finished/semi-finished products coming out of the machine as well as the shipping information.


  • It shows the characteristics of palletisation.

  • It prints the pallet and packaging labels for the goods produced.

Logistics and Shipping