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Fast and easy estimates

“.. During the estimate phase, it is not always easy to keep in mind all the costs contained in the order that the estimate is for. …”


What makes for effective estimates is a correct compilation of distinct resources (technical data sheet or production flow) consisting of:

  • Raw materials: In this section, dimensions, such as the thickness, weight and height of the main raw materials (250 g of corrugated cardboard, forex of 5 mm, etc.) are defined together with the accessory elements, such as glue, packaging materials, etc.
  • Work centres: Internal machinery, manual operations and external activity. The basic characteristics for each type of work centre are defined. An example would be start-up times, which are configurable according to the type of processing involved. Another example would be the production panel which gives different production times according to the type of material involved. The set of all the variables that constitute the configuration of the machine (sheet width, yield, thickness, basis weight, etc.) determines the production start-up times. For outsourced processing, the system allows a list of outside contractors to be attached that also evaluates the affordability of the job order.
  • Equipment and plants: For those companies that use flexo, offset, Braille, die printing plants, etc.


How to estimate quickly


With the guided estimate, anyone can create an estimate.

Even those who are not fully aware of the processes underlying the fulfilment of a specific order.

The use of the predefined Wizard structure allows the creation of a production flow per project that is repeated thanks to the useful guiding questions.

Speed in drawing up an estimate can be obtained with a reduction in the number of useful steps. This benefit is due to the integration between ArtiosCAD and Packway that allows the preparation of estimates, complete with structural designs. The data obtained are recorded in mfg files (the sheet, the cardboard, the sizes, the pose, the printing machine, the cutting machine, the output yield, the length of a cut in metres, etc.). This data becomes very useful for immediately calculating the necessary times and costs for the production of a specific order.


The estimate in graphic form


The technical data sheet or production flow produced using images makes it easier for the operator to manage the estimate. This application manages all the technical and commercial information relative to each single item, even complex ones, when ordering. What is displayed: components, units, values, graphical elements for the purposes of the estimation, production and subsequent administrative management of the order.

Just delete and create new “rectangles” according to the production flow. In this way, one gets a complete view of the process as a whole, all in a single sheet.

This type of display becomes very useful in the current case of the current digital printer that produces pure printed panels for exhibitors.

With the practice of use, Packway has proved       to be versatile software of great potential. It is able to manage products with more particularity, that are multi-material and with different coefficients of use.

It is also ideal for all those companies that focus on customisation and who cannot afford to lose too much time in planning and analysis.

Packway has been designed for those who aim toward diversification in their production in order to be able to manage multiple elements at the same time, being able to control a greater amount of orders coming from different customers.


Production Planning