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CRM and the Technical Department: Effective communication




“… Is communication between the technical department and the sales department slow, confused and sometimes absent? ..”


The need to improve relations between the sales and technical departments, the result of daily confrontations caused by incorrect or missed communications, misunderstandings and the resulting delays in processing orders, gave birth to Docupoint, the Packway module dedicated to CRM and to the technical department.

Docupoint facilitates the management of the whole cycle from pre-sales to the drawing up of the estimate for the customer.

Docupoint is the right software to use for computerisation of the management modules for commercial requirements (IDD: Internal Design Data).


The importance of precise and responsible communication

How does Docupoint and communication with CRM and the technical department function?

Once the request from the technical department has been entered, the manager of the technical department carefully verifies it, approves the request and organises the work to be carried out.

The delivery date is entered via the planner and modified as required.

It is therefore possible to track the processing time of each order.

Once the request is resolved, the system automatically sends an email to the sales personnel that created it together with all of the attached files.

Each project, in fact, automatically generates a structure of folders on the network drive divided by customer, year and project and which contains all the files created since the execution of the work.

Docupoint also manages revisions should the customer wish to modify something in their project. By means of the statistical module, it is able to produce the procedures, workloads on the technicians and work times for the entire department. It allows analysis and understanding of any management problems that should arise.


Customising DOCUPOINT


Docupoint, like BPM (Business Project Management) manages the business processes of a company by means of a highly customisable format.

An example of this is the plant request.

When the project request becomes an order, Docupoint automatically opens a plant request including the charges to the customer, if approved by the sales manager, and the details for the administration of what is to be invoiced. It is also possible for Docupoint to open a non-compliance request with the supplier that is registered in the system. It automatically sends an email to the supplier, the quality manager and other interested parties.

Via Docupoint web it is possible to monitor all requests to the supplier and more.

In this way, the supplier, after having entered their name in the mobile console, can see their requests, intervene, write and attach pdf files.


Integration between DOCUPOINT and WebCenter

webcenter e docupoint

WebCenter is an online platform for collaboration. It allows users to manage projects and insert notes into documents, correct them, approve them or reject them.

WebCenter is the ideal tool for greater interaction between company and customer that enhances communication and leads to faster order fulfilment.

WebCenter serves as a digital archive containing all the tools required for developing projects: graphics, logos, images, 3D projects, etc..

The integration between Docupoint and WebCenter represents the achievement of efficient communications both inside and outside the company.

In this way, requests, modifications and the whole project development process go from the customer to the sales department, from the technical to the graphical department. And all this happens in real time.


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