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Packway : E.R.P. for Packaging, Sign and Display

What is Packway and what is it used for?

Packway : E.R.P. per Packaging, Sign e Display

Packway is E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning) software created and developed by B+B for companies operating in the world of packaging, signs and displays. The software is intended to manage the everyday and extraordinary activities of companies, thus helping them to increase their productivity.

It is modular and expandable management software. In this way, the customer is free to choose whether to manage the entire business flow as a whole or whether to focus more on only certain business areas of real necessity to the company so as to obtain a made-to-measure product.

Packway was developed and is being constantly updated and modified by B+B.

This allows the required legal adjustments to be quickly obtained.


PACKWAY: The Vertical Management Software


Packway : E.R.P. per Packaging, Sign e Display

Being vertical software, Packway can also be integrated with all the major computer systems already in the possession of the client company, as well as with the other Digital Formula software components (See ArtiosCAD, Automation Engine, etc.), in order to facilitate its compatibility and thereby streamline the process of data sharing.

The system’s tool for managing collaboration as well as internal and external integrations is the B+B Console, a real centre for the collection and sorting of data. It is a tool that is integrated into Packway with a sophisticated data sharing system.

Each company also has the ability to customise the chosen modules, shaping them to meet their own internal needs. This allows a maximum of flexibility and completeness in every functional aspect.

B+B develops ad hoc every piece of software for the customer.

In addition, with Packway it is possible to access company data even when outside the office. You can use it remotely, and without the need for any additional components in order for it to function.


Packway Integration with the customers’ external e-commerce website


Packway can also be integrated with any e-commerce site, assisting and monitoring the whole online order cycle.

This will make it possible to have a real-time estimate for the product complete with the cost of the product, the accessories and the shipping cost.

Thanks to the Packway module Sprint, it will be possible to calculate production times and shipment dates, which vary according to the place of delivery and the quantity chosen.


Packway: How the offer works

The real innovation of Packway lies in the way it is offered: pay per use.

A formula that is not only innovative but also studied and designed to help the economic situation of the customer. Pay per use eliminates the initial investment and cancels upgrade costs. It does not involve a deferred payment but a monthly rental amount, a hire cost that is all inclusive, so  you can install and uninstall at any time.

It is therefore possible to test, evaluate and approve it.

The flexibility in the way the product is offered was conceived to allow the customer to make use of what they need at the moment the need arises, and also on the basis of business changes, expansions and internal changes. The use of new software alters work processes. Tackling them one at a time can mean less radical change and a more harmonious adhesion of users to new technologies.

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