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I-CUT Suite: Pre-press Assistance

Prepress activities are very important for a proper and timely fulfilment of orders but often take up most of the time and errors are experienced handling the order. It is necessary to reduce the time dedicated to these activities but at the same time have the certainty of performing a job correctly…

I-cut Suite eliminates errors, saves time and reduces waste. Icut Suite is a collection of pre-production software specifically designed for users of large-format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems.


I-cut Suite eliminates all bottlenecks in the workflow.

  • Preflighting of PDF files
  • Preparation of graphics
  • Creation of print layout
  • Finishing with perfect registration

I-cut Suite consists of I-Cut Preflight and I-Cut Layout and optimises all operations.


i-cut preflight_B+B
It is no longer necessary to use Adobe Illustrator to verify and correct files.

  • PDF preflighting allows time to be saved and problems to be resolved in a timely fashion. You no longer have to waste time wondering why certain PDF files do not print: Just preflight and correct them.
  • With I-Cut Preflight you can now open PDF files even if you do not have the fonts in the system. This cannot be done in Illustrator. You can import I-cut files and open them automatically without worrying about the fonts.




    • An incorrect register setting sometimes creates unwanted white lines between the edge of the cut and the graphic. I-cut Layout provides a tool for the automatic generation of abundances.


    • The manual addition of marks (grommet marks, file name, etc.) takes time and may cause errors. I-cut Layout does this automatically. 


    • Shapes – rectangles, true shapes, double-sided jobs, etc. – can be positioned in the most efficient manner possible. An optimised layout saves material and reduces production times: I-cut Layout automatically indicates how many sheets need to be printed to obtain the desired amount.


    • I-cut Layout is ideal for dividing oversized jobs and billboards into sections. Irregular sections can be defined for special applications, such as exhibition booth corners, wall coverings, store displays, etc..


    • I-cut Layout lowers the resolution of every file so that you do not spend too much time loading them. I-cut Layout has different resolutions so graphic designers are not obliged to work all the time in high resolution but can work using a preview on the desktop.