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Business Intelligence

“… Would it be important to know the bottlenecks?

..To know the profitability of the orders?

..To understand whether it is cheaper to outsource a process or carry it out internally?

Which machine should carry out a process and with which material?Controllo di Gestione Packaging Sign & Display

Do you want to make synthetic and analytical statistical reports by single order, customer, work centre or period?

Do you want to be able to analyse any data, in order to make decisions in a market that is always in motion and which will not allow mistakes such as the current one does? …”


Packway has a module that allows monitoring of any decision or area of interest. It allows rapid control management, in a fluid manner, and will not forget about any data because it is integrated into the whole management system, the accounting system included. We are speaking about directional analysis based on OLAP cubes that can be filtered and processed just like an Excel spreadsheet, without needing to worry about going in search of the data, thus ensuring effective and complete management.

Its structure allows it to aggregate all of the data coming from Packway into a sort of container that is searchable using any type of display that uses the OLAP standard (Excel or other types of business object).

There are six cubes.

Two are dedicated to the active cycle: Estimate and orders, goods shipped.

Two are dedicated to the passive cycle: Goods purchased and received.

Two are dedicated to production: Order profitability and machine performance: Waste per machine, machine performance with a particular type of production, etc..


Business Intelligence : Methodology of use 


This is an automatic process that collects all the data entered into Packway. Analisi Direzionali Packaging Sign & Display

It organises and freezes it in this parallel structure with the advantage of being able make analyses while the user is working, without delays and with the maximum security, and without modifying any type of data.

The advantages deriving from its use are many.

  1. Instead of drafting the analyses and statistics by means of printing, and with the need to have more than one printer, with information democracy anyone can select the data of interest by sector.
  1. Everyone can access and extract the data from the same point. Everyone can share the same data and is able to view it in real time.


Business Intelligence Structure


The Directional Analysis module allows you to obtain statistics and reports (directional analyses, profitability broken down by customer and filtered by period, etc.). The summary of the data is broken down by dimension and by measurement.

The dimensions are the filter criteria to be adopted (filter by agent, customer category).

The measurements are the elements that are subject to numerical evaluation: turnover, margin, quantity, etc..

Everyone can set up their Excel spreadsheet with the view they find useful and everyday the system updates it.

All the data coming from the different modules mentioned above converge here, which allows management to carry out analyses and better manage their business activities.