Vicolo Boccacavalla 3/F-G 31044 Montebelluna (TV)

Consulting and Analysis


B+B International is developing its consulting and analysis activities with its characteristic modus operandi. 

The primary objective of B+B is to guarantee customers a professional service meeting their needs. Once the problems encountered, it has been discussed together, as well as the needs to be met, B+B uses its own tools to identify possible solutions suited to the specific circumstances of the customer and asks about their typical methods of production and management.




Once a detailed analysis of the situation has been prepared, B+B invites the customer to its facility in order to demonstrate the solution identified for this type of request. In this way, the customer has the possibility of viewing the possible solutions proposed.

The customer can then see directly how these can be applied to their own situation and check the benefits and difficulties.

Each demonstration is developed and designed based on the typical production method of the customer and on the solution to the problems encountered.



The customer can request any type of intervention during the demonstration in order to better understand the potential of the hardware and/or software solutions.

They can also request further visits to their premises if not completely satisfied.

B+B International uses makes use of trained and specialised sales personnel and professional technicians/demonstrators and is attentive to requests for the development of this type of service.